Turbo Repair, Reconditioned Turbo, Re-manufactured Turbo or Brand New OE Quality Turbo.

Whats the difference?

Turbo Repair – A Turbo repair is exactly that, a repair.  Your Turbo has failed, so a Turbo internal part is broken or worn.  A Turbo repair is finding the damaged turbo component and changing it, nothing more.  It’s the cheapest Turbo fix in the industry.  The turbo unit is again operational and everyone’s happy.  How long a Turbo repair lasts is an impossible question to answer, it’s simply how long until another worn turbo part fails.

Reconditioned Turbo or Turbo Rebuild – A Turbo rebuild or reconditioned turbo is where the complete turbocharger is completely stripped to each turbo component.  Each Turbo part inc Compressor Housing, Turbine Housing, compressor wheel, Turbine shaft and wheel, Turbo bearing housing, heat shield and seal plate are inspected for wear and damage (this also includes the VNT nozzle variable vane assembly on VNT units) and then dimensions are checked to be inside OE tolerances, if not, then the worn Turbo parts are scrapped and replaced with New replacement turbo parts.  In ALL situations, ALL the Turbo bearings and seals should be disposed of.  A reconditioned Turbocharger should NEVER be rebuilt with used Turbo bearings and seals.  Once all Turbo parts being reused are confirmed to be good to go again and worn turbo parts are disposed of and replaced with New replacement Turbo components then the Turbo Rebuild can be undertaken including balancing and turbo actuator calibration, resulting in a newly Reconditioned Turbocharger.

Re-manufactured Turbo – A re-manufactured Turbocharger is where the complete internal workings of the worn turbo are replaced with Brand NEW Turbo replacement parts.  The only parts to be reused being the Turbo compressor housing and the Turbine housing along with the vacuum or electronic actuator.  The internals commonly known as the Turbo CHRA or Turbocharger cartridge is replaced.  A Turbo CHRA / Turbocharger Cartridge is the complete assembly and includes a New compressor wheel, seal plate, bearing housing, heat shield, Turbine shaft and wheel as well as ALL new bearings and seals.  This Turbo CHRA is balanced and tested for noise and oil leaks before being fitted to the cleaned housings and then finally the Turbo actuator is re-calibrated.

Brand New OE Quality Turbo - All our new turbos come from OE manufacturers such as Garrett, IHI, Mitsubishi, BorgWarner to name but a few. These companies are trusted by the biggest names in the automotive industry for the development and application of turbo technologies that deliver on quality, reliability and outstanding performance for light vehicles, trucks and off-highway equipment. Each of these turbos are intricately calibrated to the finest tolerances to meet the original specifications of the automotive manufacturer and are shipped to distributors with a comprehensive labor and parts guarantee.

When it’s time to replace your car’s turbocharger, don’t risk it. When your turbocharger is spinning at 250,000 rpm, and at more than 800 degree Celsius, almost the same thing isn’t good enough.


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